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Benefits of Wire Mesh

Wire cloth is an industry standard for companies that separate, sift, filter, or protect. The versatility of wire cloth is largely due to its customization options, and this includes opening size, weave type, and material.

Wire cloth comes in three basic weave types: twill weave, pre-crimp weave, and plain weave.

Plain weave is sometimes referred to as double crimp and it is the most common weave type on the marker. In this weave, crimping is done after weaving. The plain weave allows for corrugation and depressions at the crimps.

A twill weave will have each wrap wire/shute wire passing successively under and above the two adjacent wires. This type of weave allows for heavier materials to be used. This leads to strong wire cloth.

Pre-crimp weaves come in three separate types: pre-crimp, lock crimp, and multiple crimp. Pre-crimp weaves creates a coarse wire cloth. The process allows wrap and shute wires to nest safely with each other. This greatly reduces any random movements. Pre-crimping gives consistently accurate opening sizes.

A lock crimp is very similar to pre-crimp, but differ in the permanence of opening size. A lock crimp will not alter opening size.

Multiple crimp is a less used weave type. It is mainly used when creating a large opening with thin wires.

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