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Tailored Wire Cloth

No fluid handling system is complete without wire cloth or wire mesh. Its capacity to filter out unwanted particulates allows for smooth operations of many different machines and devices. At Newark Wire, we work with individual companies to ensure that the wire mesh they get is the best type for the function needed. Speaking with us will help us get you wire mesh that has a specific size, strength, and performance perimeters. Coming to terms with how to properly tailor wire mesh is best left to professionals within the field.

When using wire cloth, it is important to pick the correct type of cloth. This is arguably the most important thing to consider. When making a choice, and individual must consider:

  • The coordinated pressure drop requirements
  • Liquid temperature
  • Viscosity
  • Size of particles
  • Flow rate
  • Corrosive environments and contaminants

We house a stock of different wire cloth in different sizes, materials, and opening. This allows us to quickly get you the best products for your functions. If we do not have what you need, our engineers are fully capable of creating custom products for you and your company. Make sure you get wire cloth that is tailored to your business needs.

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