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Stainless Steel Test Sieves

The Newark Wire Cloth Company offers ‘superior’ quality Test Sieves; featuring our exclusive ‘Cleaner-by-Design’ construction, trademarked as our SuperlaSieveTM technology.

US Std. #14 Test Sieve (8” dia.)

US Std. #12 Test Sieve (3” dia.)

US Std. #30 Test Sieve (8” dia.)

Newark’s SuperlaSieve technology was designed and developed in response to customer demand for better quality test sieves; cleaner, crevice free, and durable construction!

When we searched for the proper name for our Test Sieves we consulted Webster’s Dictionary. Webster’s defines Superlative as ... ”very high quality, surpassing all others”.

Test Sieves at various stages of production...

Air Jet Test Sieve frames ready for production

8" dia. Test Sieve frames ready for production

6" dia. Test Sieves polished and waiting to be labeled

Today, all Newark Wire Cloth manufactured stainless steel test sieves fall under the SuperlaSieve umbrella; whether UV Adhesive, Pure Tin Soldered, or Welded construction.
All SuperlaSieve Stainless Steel Test Sieves offer improved product features ...

Features for Test Sieves

  • ‘Cleaner-By-Design’ sanitary construction
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • All standard sieve frames are die stamped for quality - your assurance of consistency, fit, and function from sieve to sieve.
  • Sieve frames stamped using 22 ga. Sheet metal - in some cases 37% thicker than the sieve frames found on competitors test sieves.
  • Stainless Steel Sieve Cloth conforming to ASTM E11 or ISO 3310 specifications.
  • Test Sieve frame is polished - Inside and Out!
  • No ink markings on the sieve cloth
  • No rivets on the inside surface of the test sieve frame
  • Test Sieve construction features a ‘clean and smooth’ transition from the side wall of the sieve frame to the sieving surface - there is no epoxy bead for product to get caught.

    Smooth and clean transition from sieve side wall to screen surface - no area for product to get trapped
  • Every Test Sieve is identified with a Serial Number and a matching Test Sieve Certificate of Compliance.

    Test Sieve with Certificate of Compliance
    (Note - Serial Number on Test Sieve matched number on certificate)

    Detail view of Certificate of Compliance
  • All Test Sieves are individually boxed. All boxes are labeled.