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Wire Mesh Baskets

Wire mesh baskets are designed to fit the different needs of specific applications. These industrial baskets are made with different types of wire cloths and perforated metals. These baskets are vital parts of industrial processes and can be found in a wide variety of industries. The aerospace and automotive sectors heavily rely on mesh baskets to make their automated process run smoothly. There are many different types of wire mesh baskets and each distinct design is appropriate for a specific purpose and application. When selecting a basket type, it is crucial to select the correct design. This article will help to highlight the best ways to identify different basket types and their uses.

Although wire mesh baskets are fashioned in different styles, they all serve the same general purpose. These mesh baskets are simple in design and are used to strain unwanted materials from liquid. All wire cloth baskets are spot welded, soldered, and brazed together. Each basket can be custom assembled to suit a specific need. It is common to use a basket for a number of different applications. Some examples include: heat training, annealing, degreasing, parts washing, tumbling, drying, general purpose, and material handling.

There are many different types of metal mesh that can be used to create a wire mesh basket. Stainless steel wire mesh is one of the more popular types of metal mesh used to design baskets. General-purpose baskets are commonly designed out of stainless steel wire mesh. Baskets are typically designed with handles, that are either rigid or flexible, and flat or round frame. These general baskets are recommended for light to medium service applications. All wire mesh baskets area designed to withstand the rigorous work of the industrial environment. Carbon mesh steel is a great economic choice for an application on a budget, but stainless steel wire mesh provides the most durability, as they can with stand caustic environments and corrosion.    

If you are interested in learning more about wire mesh baskets, or would like to use one in an industrial application, it is always best to contact a local wire mesh service. Wire mesh designers focus on customizing baskets for specific needs and purposes. They are well versed on the topic, and will you make the most sensible purchase with the help. Custom baskets can be specified by size, material, shape, and can be made to order in less than two weeks.

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