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How Industrial Wire Cloth Makes the Aerospace Industry Safer

How Newark Wire Cloth Makes the Aerospace Industry Safer

It’s no secret that aerospace companies work hard to keep both their employees AND their passengers safe on a daily basis. But who do they turn to with such an important task? Why, wire cloth manufacturers, of course.

It’s true — even though you may not necessarily realize it, custom wire mesh solutions help make the aerospace industry safer in a wide range of ways that are certainly worth exploring. So sit back, relax and see how custom aerospace wire cloth is essential!

How Wire Cloth Manufacturers Work to Keep the Aerospace Industry Safe… and Healthy

Maybe the most important use of industrial wire mesh in aerospace is also, for many people, among the most immediate – the types of custom solutions that we’re talking about go a long way towards keeping ALL of us safe during travel.

It’s no secret that people get sick on airplanes – but one recent study suggests that your chances of catching an airborne virus are probably a lot higher than you realize. The publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences did an experiment that revealed if you’re on a plan seated within a seat or two to the side, or within a single row in front of or behind someone who has something like the flu, your chances of catching that illness are an incredible 80%.

Custom Aerospace Wire Cloth

If you’re outside of that radius, however, your chances are far lower – usually only about 3% in extreme cases.

Part of this is because wire cloth and custom wire mesh solutions help keep these types of irritants out of the cabin, preserving the quality of the air as much as possible. Even going above and beyond airborne illnesses, woven wire mesh sizes are specifically designed to weed out irritants like dust or sand, cleaning agents used by flight attendants to keep things sanitary, odors and more.

The Trouble With Fuel System Contamination

Another one of the ways that wire cloth helps keep the aerospace industry safe has to do with the complicated fuel systems that are typically found on both commercial and other types of aircraft. Generally speaking, the three major types of fuel system contamination issues that most airlines (and their pilots) have to worry about are:

  • Water contamination. If water enters the fuel during the combustion process (like through humidity in the air), it can degrade fuel quality – thus leading to mechanical issues or limiting the service life of the plane.
  • Microbial growth. There are certain types of bacteria that thrive in those instances when water comes into contact with jet fuel. Not only can this cause significant amounts of corrosion on the steel and aluminum services that make up the airplane, but it can also cause errors in system instrumentation, too.
  • Particulates. If dirt, sand and other particles are allowed to get into the fuel system, it can easily degrade fuel system lines – thus causing equipment failures and even leading to major engine problems if you’re not incredibly careful.

While metal mesh filters and wire cloth solutions can help with all of these things, it is that last one in particular – particulates – where wire cloth manufacturers shine. Welded wire mesh sizes are created in a way that weeds out those particulates before they have a chance to make their way into the fuel system. This includes even those particulates that are incredibly small.

Custom Aerospace Wire Cloth

This not only helps improve the overall lifespan of the plane in question, but it keeps all crew members and passengers safe.


  • — Custom wire mesh solutions are used by those in the aerospace industry to improve air quality in plane cabins, thus keeping people safe and healthy.
  • — These solutions can also be a great way to help fend off the type of fuel line contamination issues that could cause major problems down the road.

Aerospace Wire Cloth Manufacturing

If you’d like to find out more information about how wire cloth makes the aerospace industry safer or how it’s only one of the various other industries served by Newark Wire, please don’t delay – contact Newark Wire Cloth today!