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How Wire Mesh Helps Produce Baby Food

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The production of infant formula and baby food requires the most stringent adherence to food safety guidelines. Using proper production techniques and a commitment to safety ensures that the smallest and most vulnerable of consumers are protected.

Baby food manufacturing companies need to rely on wire mesh solutions for straining and filtering to ensure safe, hygienic and consistent production standards.

wire mesh, how wire mesh helps produce baby food, wire cloth manufacturer, woven wire mesh

Food production companies making baby food today face mounting complexity in every facet of production, including:

  • Changing customer demands. Consumers today want more variety in the ingredients, including more organic, dietary and allergen-free products. That means more variations for production, more swapping of equipment and ingredients and the need for highly efficient operations.
  • Greater expectations. Consumers want their kids to have products with fresh ingredients, attractive colors, smells and tastes, and high nutritional value. The texture needs to be consistent — this is where wire mesh solutions for baby food manufacturing companies come in.
  • — Environmental impact. Baby food needs to be produced today in a way that reduces the environmental footprint, reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate sound corporate citizenship. Regulatory mandates. The recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires food and beverage manufacturers to track and record steps being taken to keep the food supply safe. Maintaining compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration means having processes and suppliers that meet stringent safety requirements.

Maintaining a high level of efficiency means working with a wire cloth manufacturer to supply products that address these expectations.

wire mesh, how wire mesh helps produce baby food, wire cloth manufacturer, woven wire mesh

Use of Wire Mesh in Food Production

Wire mesh strainers have long been a part of food production around the world. Woven wire mesh provides a safe, efficient way to produce baby food in the most common manufacturing scenarios, including:

  • — Continuous puree line production for smooth to small particulate purees
  • — Continuous particulate line systems that allow for the production of a range of particle sizes and integrity standards
  • — Ready-to-drink infant formula lines that minimize heat loads to retain nutritional value
  • — Powder-to-powder infant formula production that recombines milk and powdered ingredients

Newark Wire produces a complete line of prefabricated and custom wire mesh products that meet the exacting standards of your baby food production. Our inline strainers and basket strainers have 3-A certification, giving you the confidence that our products are made with the exacting standards you expect.

No matter what woven wire mesh sizes your production needs, you can rely on Newark Wire to provide industrial food strainers that accomplish the following:

  • — Contaminant removal
  • — Product size regulation
  • — Improved product quality
  • — Debris filtration

Our strainers come in multiple sizes to accommodate coarse straining (large particles), medium straining or filtration for fine particles. They are made of stainless steel mesh or other corrosion-resistant materials.

When choosing a sanitary strainer for baby food production, be sure to answer the following:

  • — What are the applications for which the strainers will be used?
  • — What are the flow rate and line size?
  • — What is the percentage of solids you need to capture?
  • — What is the size of the particulates you’re looking to capture?

Food production is getting smarter as digital transformation makes its mark on the industry. New technologies designed to improve productivity and accuracy are changing the way food is produced. This means having the right custom wire mesh solutions for your baby food operations.

In summary:

  • — Producers face increasing demands, expectations and regulatory mandates
  • — Wire mesh can be customized for the size, function and production line you need
  • — Newark Wire mesh solutions are a reliable source for your baby food production needs

To learn more about Newark Wire mesh products, contact us today.