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Why Industrial Chocolate Manufacturers Choose Newark Wire Cloth

Why Industrial Chocolate Manufacturers Choose Newark Wire Cloth

According to one recent study, the annual estimated sales of chocolate contribute approximately $83 billion to the global economy. If you needed a single statistic to help underline the importance of the chocolate manufacturing process, let it be that one.

But at the same time, the process itself is every bit as delicate as it is fascinating. Even a small delay in manufacturing can create a ripple effect of the worst kind in terms of meeting your long-term goals, which is why so many industrial chocolate manufacturers choose Newark Wire Cloth. We understand both the ins and outs of wire mesh and the role it plays in getting chocolate into the hands of satisfied customers.

chocolate manufacturing process, Chocolate manufacturing plant

The Chocolate Manufacturing Process: Breaking Things Down

Everyone knows that consumer-grade chocolate begins life as standard cocoa beans.  After the harvesting and fermentation processes have taken place, those beans move onto the drying and storage phase. Once the appropriate amount of time has passed they’ll be tested for consistency and cleaned, before ultimately being roasted.

Next comes the part of the process where the outer shell of those beans is removed, thus allowing organizations to break down the inner “meat” of the bean into smaller pieces.

The second part of this phase is called winnowing – and that is where Newark Wire Cloth comes into play. Those smaller pieces – also commonly referred to as nibs – are sorted out by size and they pass through a variety of wire mesh sieves to help make this process as effective as possible. Without reliable wire mesh sieves, the entire manufacturing process could grind to a halt. This is also where certain impurities could be introduced if you’re not careful, thus negating the quality of the entire batch.

Newark Wire Cloth: Our Solutions

Chocolate manufacturers choose Newark Wire because we’re able to supply you with materials designed to meet your every need – regardless of what those needs happen to be. Once you tell us your materials of construction and provide a rough assembly sketch, we’ll be able to meet your exact needs in terms of factors like mesh count, wire diameter, opening size, the particle size to be retained and much, much more.

What you’re left with is not a general “one size fits all” solution, but one that has been literally built with your business and your unique goals in mind.

chocolate manufacturing process, Chocolate manufacturing plant

All this, and Newark Wire Cloth has also gone out of our way to guarantee that only the highest quality parts and products make their way into the hands of our customers. In addition to meeting ASTM International E2016 and ASTM International E11 industry standards, we also meet or exceed the requirements for ISO 9001, AS9100 and others.

Additionally, our raw materials always meet only the highest of quality levels and our own internal quality assurance inspection team guarantees beyond the shadow of a doubt that ALL of our products adhere to any and all applicable regulations, no matter what.

Key Takeaways:

  • — Wire mesh plays a more important part in chocolate manufacturing than people realize.
  • — Once cocoa beans have been ground and refined, they pass through a series of wire mesh sieves as they’re sorted by size – this is called winnowing.
  • — Industrial chocolate manufacturers choose Newark Wire Cloth for their wire mesh sieves because we meet or exceed all applicable industry standards, and have an in-house team dedicated to guaranteeing only the highest level of quality, no matter what.

If you’d like to find out more information about why industrial chocolate manufacturers have come to depend on Newark Wire Cloth, or if you’d just like to discuss the specifics of your own chocolate manufacturing plant with someone in a little more detail, please don’t delay – contact Newark Wire Cloth today.